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European Drafts-64 Championship among youth and youth

Congratulations to Vera Popruga with a successful performance at the European Championship in drafts-64 among youth and the stage of the World Cup in drafts-64 among women. A student of KNURE (1st year, group MTTE-20-1) in the Turkish city of Kusadasi was able to win two medals.


From April 25 to May 4 in the Turkish city of Kusadasi, the drafts-64 competition took place – the European Youth Championship and the Turkish Open 2021 World Cup among adults.

In the European Youth Championship, three tournaments in different versions of drafts-64 were played on the “small” board. In the fast and lightning-fast game, the athletes competed according to the rules of the “Russian” version of checkers, in the classic (the most prestigious) – according to the rules of the “Brazilian” version of checkers. Competitions among youth were held in six age categories. In each, a set of medals and cups was played for boys and girls.

Master of Sports Vera Popruga performed among girls in the age group up to 20 years old and won two awards: a silver medal – in competitions among students (based on the results of the classical game tournament); a bronze medal – according to the results of the rapid play tournament.

Wrestling at the World Cup among adults was also interesting. The mixed blitz tournament was attended by 28 athletes, including 5 international grandmasters and 6 international masters. As a result, the Master of Sports of Ukraine Vera Popruga took 4th place among women.

For your information: Vera Poprug’s checkers are:

– three-time world champion among youth;

– Winner of the Ukrainian Cup among women;

– multiple champion of Ukraine in various age groups;

– the youngest master of sports of Ukraine among women;

– the winner of the prestigious “Wonder Child” award in the “Smartest” category.