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Title tournament in international level chess “Konsalt Chess Masters”

Congratulations to Maria Berdnik with a successful performance in the title tournament of the international level “Konsalt Chess Masters” in chess. A 1st year student of the faculty of KN (group PZPI-20-5-English stream) in the city of Cherkassy took 4th place and fulfilled the last standard of a female international master, gaining 1 point more than the norm.


From 6 to 11 March 2021, the international title tournament “Konsalt Chess Master” (IM-group) took place in Cherkasy.

The tournament was held with the participation of 10 participants from 5 chess federations of the world: France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Turkey and Ukraine. Among the players were members of national teams and prize-winners of Olympic competitions and champions of Ukraine of different years. In general, the tournament brought together a good line-up: 3 international grandmasters (men), 1 female international grandmaster, 3 FIDE masters (men) and 1 female FIDE master. The competition was held according to the standard rules of classical chess (1:00 30 minutes each, +30 seconds after each move made, starting from the first move, + 30 minutes after move 40), with one “small” detail: instead of the standard addition of 30 minutes after the fortieth move , players were added only 15. This format is approved by the International Chess Federation FIDE and is considered ideal for performing international titles.

Male FIDE Master and Master of Sports of Ukraine 18-year-old Maria Berdnik, gaining 5.5 points out of 9, showed the best result among women, fulfilled the last standard of the female international master (gaining 1 point more than the norm) and, in total, took 4th place. Unfortunately, Maria lacked only half a point to reach the female international grandmaster standard and 1 point to the male international master standard, but our chess player still achieved a very good result!

By the way, in chess Maria Berdnik are:

– nine-time champion of Ukraine in the classic game in different age categories and fifteen-time all types (classic, fast, lightning)

– bronze medalist of the World Rapid Chess Championship among girls under 16;

– Olympic vice-champion of the world (among juniors under 16) on the fifth board as part of the national team of Ukraine.

– the world champion among schoolchildren as part of the Ukrainian national team.

– Medalist of the World Championship among girls under 20 (prestigious youth competition)

– the only girl who has the title of FIDE male master in Ukraine;

– the best junior of Ukraine under 20;

– the reserve of the women’s national Olympic team of Ukraine.

Graduated from high school with a gold medal, was awarded the “Best Student 2019” and “Young Man 2018” awards (nomination – “athletes”).