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Estonian Classic Bench Press Championships

Estonian Classic Bench Press Championships


Evgeniy Fursal (PZPI-22-4) 11.11.2023 competed at the Estonian Classic Bench Press Championship among youth in the city of Kilingi-Nõmme in the weight category up to 83 kg. He showed his best result in the bench press – 110 kg, and took 5th place. Since Evgeniy is not a citizen of Estonia, he believed that he would not be allowed to participate in the competition taking into account the result, and he decided not to reduce the extra 2 kg of his own weight, although in a smaller category he had every chance of getting into the top three. But this is not the last competition. Therefore, we congratulate Evgeniy on his good performance at the national championship and look forward to new achievements in powerlifting!

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European Championship in Draughts-100

European Championship in Draughts-100


On October 28-29, 2023, the European Draughts-100 Championship among adults was held in the city of Beilen (Netherlands). Master of Sports of Ukraine in checkers, Vera Popruga (MTTE-20-1), in a persistent struggle with experienced opponents, won a bronze medal and became a national grandmaster in checkers. This is an extraordinary incident that occurred for the second time in the history of our university and the first time that our student among adult women received such a high rank in this sport.

Congratulations to Vera on a good performance!

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Ukrainian Classical Powerlifting Championship

Ukrainian Classical Powerlifting Championship


On October 23-31, 2023, the Ukrainian Classical Powerlifting Championship among children and youth sports school students was held in Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk region. A student of our university, one of the strongest athletes in the strength sports section (coach N. Didyuk), candidate for master of sports of Ukraine in powerlifting, Alexander Shulepa (KIUKI-21-5), showing excellent results in squats – 212.5 kg, in the bench press – 117.5 kg, deadlift – 225 kg and triathlon total – 555 kg, won gold and became champion in the weight category up to 74 kg at these competitions.

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