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KNURE student won the Ukrainian Karate Cup

KNURE student won the Ukrainian Karate Cup


From October 22 to October 24, the traditional competitions of the Cup of Ukraine in goju-ryu karate took place in Odessa in which a student of the Faculty of Computer Science Veronika Roshka took part. In tense fights with the best karate women of Ukraine, Veronika won an honorable third place.

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Ukrainian Rock Climbing Cup

Ukrainian Rock Climbing Cup


Congratulations on the victory of the student of KhNURE, the AKTS-21-2 MS rock climbing group Ilya Manyakin! Which took 1st place in the final of the Cup of Ukraine in rock climbing in the form of difficulty and 2nd place in the form of bouldering, which took place on October 14, 2021 in Kiev.

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Transfer of the Kharkov International Marathon

Transfer of the Kharkov International Marathon


According to the protocol of the Commission on Technogenic and Environmental Safety and Emergencies dated 07.10.2021 “On the current epidemic situation and the introduction of additional quarantine restrictions on the territory of the city of Kharkov” and due to the fact that the organizers will not be able to ensure a safe distance at the start and finish for participants of the race, it was decided to postpone the Kharkov International Marathon. The event will take place as soon as the epidemiological situation returns to normal.

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