Department of Physical Education and Sport



136) On February 4, 2023, the Championship of the Poltava region in bench press and classic bench press among all ages took place.

Oleksandr Narvatov (PZPI-19-2) In the weight category up to 105 kg with a bench press result of 172.5 kg, he took first place among juniors and for the first time fulfilled the standard of a candidate for the master of sports of Ukraine in powerlifting.


135) On January 21, 2023, the Championship of the Kharkov region in the classic bench press was held. In the weight category up to 74 kg, with a body weight of 69.5 kg, Konstantin Bondarenko confidently lifted 105 kg and took 2nd place among juniors in his weight category.


134) On November 18-22, 2022, the Artistic Gymnastics Championship of Ukraine was held in Kyiv. Igor Dishuk, group ITSHI-22-4 took on these competitions: 2nd place in the all-around, 3rd place in uneven bars.


133) From November 30 to December 1, Ivano-Frankivsk hosted the competitions of the WTF Taekwondo Championship of Ukraine, which was attended by a student of the Faculty of IC Elizaveta Khristenko. She won two silver medals at once in different age groups – among adults and youth.


132) From 18 to 21 November in the city of Odessa there were competitions of the championship of Ukraine in goju-ryu karate. Yulia Gladskikh, a student of the IRTI faculty, took 1 place.


131) On October 28, the city of Poznan (Poland) hosted the Final of the World Cup in finswimming.

A student of the group IUSTm 22-1 KN of the faculty Victoria Uvarova took three 1st places and two 2nd places.


130) On October 22, Poltava hosted the Open Championship of the Poltava region in rowing on Dragon boats, dedicated to the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks.

Denis Chernenko (TRTK-20-2) took 1st place in D-12 and 2nd place in D-22.


129) On September 14, 2022, the city of Viveron (Italy) hosted the World Fin Swimming Championship (marathon). The national team of Ukraine, which included a student of the group IUST-22-1 of the faculty of KN Victoria Uvarova, took second place.


128) 30.07.2022, a student of our university Denis Chernenko (TRTK-20-2) took part in the Open Championship of the Zhytomyr Region in rowing on boats “Dragon” as part of the national team and became the owner of two championship titles in two disciplines.


127) From July 16 to July 30, 2022, the Olympic Taekwondo competition was held at the European University Games. Elizaveta Khristenko won the silver medal.


126) From July 18 to July 23, 2022, the World Fin Swimming Championship was held in Colombia, the city of Cali. A student of the group KN-18-6 Victoria Uvarova took 3rd place – 100 m. finswimming, 1st place – 4 x 200 m. relay swimming.


125) 08.07.2022 Dmitry Dudka (group KIUKI-20-5) was awarded the honorary sports title “Master of Sports of Ukraine” after performing at the Ukrainian Karate Championship.


124) April 23-24 World Cup was held in the city of Leipzig (Germany) in finswimming. A 2nd year student of the faculty of KIU Ekaterina Vashchenko and a 4th year student of the faculty of CS Victoria Uvarova took 2nd place in relay swimming. And also Victoria Uvarova at these competitions took 1st place and 2nd place in other distances.


123) On April 1-2, in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy, the World Cup in Finswimming of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) was held. A student of the faculty of KIU Ekaterina Vashchenko (gr. KIUKI-20-5) took the third prize at a distance of 100 m.


122) 12/02/2022 a student of the group KIUKIu-21-1 of the faculty of KIU Darya Lichman won the Open Cheerleading Championship in Kharkov.


121) On February 12, 2022, the Sambo Championship of the Kharkov Region was held at the SC NAU “KhAI”.

A student of the group EEK-18-1 Mikhail Zakin took 1st place.

Vitaliy Kucherenko, a student of the KIUKI-21-7 group, took 2nd place.


120) From 12 to 13 February in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk took place the final competitions of the XVII Summer Universiade of Ukraine in Taekwondo (WTF). Elizaveta Khristenko, a student of the Faculty of Infocommunications, Master of Sports of Ukraine, took 1st place.


119) On February 5, the All-Ukrainian karate competitions were held in the sports complex of the School of Higher Sportsmanship, in which a student of the faculty of KIU Dmitry Dudka took first place.


118) On February 5-6, 2022, the championship of the Kharkov region in classic powerlifting and classic bench press among adults and juniors was held.


117) On January 27-30, 2022, the Ukrainian wrestling championship was held in the city of Lviv. Vitaliy Kucherenko, a student of the KI-21-7 group, took the 3rd place.


116) 28.12.2021 Ivan Golubinsky (PZPI-21-11) at the weightlifting championship of the Kharkov region took second place.


115) The KNURE Championship in the classical bench press was held among students of 1-5 courses.

Champions and prize-winners in 6 weight categories:

– up to 52 kg: 1st place – Maria Mazel, 2nd place – Larisa Pilyuk

– up to 66 kg: 1st place – Yevgeny Latynin, 2nd place – Dmitry Demchenko, 3rd place – Andrey Miroshnichenko

– up to 74 kg: 1st place – Vladislav Moroshan, 2nd place – Konstantin Bondarenko

– up to 83 kg: 1st place – Rustam Fabrovan, 2nd place – Nikita Bobkov, 3rd place – Maxim Belik

– up to 93 kg: 1st place – Konstantin Zhenilo, 2nd place – Alexander Stukota

– up to 105 kg: 1st place – Alexander Narvatov

– among young men: 1st place – Alexander Narvatov, 2nd place – Rustam Fabrovan, 3rd place – Vladislav Moroshan

– among girls: 1st place – Maria Mazel, 2nd place – Larisa Pilyuk


114) From 10 to 12 December, the 8th World Championship in Cossack duel took place at the Lokomotiv Sports Palace. Veronica Govorova and Yulia Dorofeeva became world champions, and Veronika Roshka won a silver medal.


113) 12.12.2021 in the building of culture of KhTP took place the Championship of the Kharkov region in sambo wrestling. Students of our University have won 2 gold and one bronze medals.


112) On December 1, an open boxing championship was held in the KNURE sports hall.


111) On November 18-19, the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute hosted the Badminton Championship of the Higher educational institution in Kharkov. The team consisted of 6 people. Our combined team took third place.


110) On November 19-21, the All-Ukrainian volleyball tournament in memory of the HC of Ukraine V. Ponomarenko. The women’s team took the 1st place among the women’s teams, the men’s team took the 2nd place among the men.


109) From 05 to 08 November in Melitopol the Ukrainian Horting Championship took place. Veronica Govorova took 1st place.


108) From 18 to 21 October, the 2021 Ukrainian Rapid Chess Championship was held in the city of Dnipro. Berdnik Maria group PZPI-20-5 took 1st place.


107) From October 22 to 24, 2021, the Ukrainian Cup Goju-Ryu Karate competitions were held in Odessa. Veronica Roshca won third place.


106) On October 14, 2021, the Ukrainian Rock Climbing Cup was held in Kiev. Manyakin Ilya group AKTS-21-2 took 1st place in the form of difficulty and 2nd place in the form of bouldering.


105) 9-10.10.2021 in our city took place the Cup of Kharkov in cheerleading. Student of the MI-20-1 group Aleksashina Anastasia 1st place in the category of hip-hop solo cheer dance. Polozova Elena, student of the ITINF-21-1 group, 3rd place in the category of cheer dance freestyle solo.


104) From October 9 to October 10, 2021 in the city of Kiev, competitions of the Ukrainian championship in the Cossack duel were held. Veronika Govorova became the champion of Ukraine, and Veronika Roshka won the silver medal.


103) From May 20 to September 15, the 2021 Online Chess Olympiad was held on the chesscom Internet platform. Maria Berdnik took 2nd place.


102) Kirill Redkin took 1st place at the Ukrainian Taekwon-Do Cup in Kiev 24-26.09.2021.


101) On October 2 and 3, 2021 Dmitry Dudka took part in the Ukrainian Karate Cup in Kiev. Dmitry won two gold and two silver medals.


100) Congratulations to the students of KNURE – Alena Nosareva (1st year, ITM faculty) and Vera Popruga (2nd year, CI) with a successful performance at the Ukrainian Drafts-64 Championship. 47 athletes (29 men and 18 women) from 9 regions of the country took part in the main tournament of the year, from September 18 to 26 in Dnipro. In total, 4 national grandmasters and 6 masters of sports competed in three women’s tournaments.


99) From 17 to 19 September 2021, the championship of the Kharkov region in the Cossack duel took place in the city of Dergachi. Veronika Govorova and Veronica Roshca won gold and silver medals.


98) 19.09.2021 students of our university took part in the Kharkiv Open Championship in classical bench press among youths, juniors and adults.

Igor Lukienko (KITPVm-21-1), Daniil Bazhanov (ITSHI-20-5), Konstantin Bondarenko (PZPI-21-3) became champions.


97) Congratulations to Manyakin Ilya, student of KNURE, group AKTSI-21-2 with the 2nd place in the Championship of Ukraine in rock climbing in the form of difficulty!


96) On September 7-08, 2021, an open team championship of the Kharkiv region in track and field athletics among boys and girls took place at the Dynamo stadium. A student of KNURE 1 course, Faculty of Infocommunications, group TRIKI -21-1, Goryainova Karina in all three disciplines got into the final and has the following results: 100 m. 14.0 sec. (7th place), shot put 9.56 m. (5th place), discus throw 1 place with a result of 26.32 m.


95) Roshka Veronica and Govorova Veronica who were awarded the honorary sports title “Master of Sports of Ukraine”.


94) Popruga Vera (MTTE-20-1) won two bronze medals at the Cup of Ukraine in International Drafts in Rivne in the tournaments in classic and rapid game.


93) Berdnik Maria PZPI-20-5 (English Stream) took part in the title tournament of the international level “Young Talents – 2021” in chess from June 21 to 30, 2021 and took 2nd place.


92) Vera Popruga (MTTE-20-1) June 18-24, 2021 performed at the Ukrainian Drafts-64 Championship in the junior category in Kherson and won a bronze medal.


91) From 11 to 13 June 2021 in Kirillovka the Ukrainian Championship among students in horting was held in which Veronika Roshka, Veronika Govorova and Mikhail Silaichev took part. They won two gold and silver medals, as well as the right to represent Ukraine in international competitions.


90) Congratulations to Popruga Vera with a successful performance at two Ukrainian classic powerlifting championships. A student of KNURE (1st year, group MTTE-20-1) managed to win 5 medals. (12-15.05.2021)


89) Congratulations to Vera Popruga with a successful performance at the European Championship in drafts-64 among youth and the stage of the World Cup in drafts-64 among women. A student of KNURE (1st year, group MTTE-20-1) in the Turkish city of Kusadasi was able to win two medals. (from April 25 to May 4, 2021)


88) Congratulations to Maria Berdnik with a successful performance in the title tournament of the international level “Konsalt Chess Masters” in chess. A 1st year student of the faculty of KN (group PZPI-20-5-English stream) in the city of Cherkassy took 4th place and fulfilled the last standard of a female international master, gaining 1 point more than the norm. (March 6-11, 2021)


87) Congratulations to Maria Berdnik with an excellent result in the international online chess memorials in memory of Vladimir Savon and Stanislav Bogdanovich! A first-year student from KNURE, group PZPI-20-5 on the online platform, won 1st place among women in both tournaments. (September 30, 2020, February 4-13, 2021)


86) Congratulations to the student of the ITINF-19-1 group Bosenko Artem with a successful performance at the Ukrainian armwrestling championship. Artyom took 2nd place at these competitions and for the first time fulfilled the standard of a candidate for master of sports of Ukraine in armwrestling.


85) On May 16, 2021, an open regional sambo wrestling tournament was held in the sports complex of the NAU “KhAI”. KNURE athletes won silver medals!

Veronica Govorova gr. PZPI-19-7 II m., Ruslan Trubchaninov  gr. BMIm-20-1 II m.


84) In May 2021, in the village of Chikalovka, the Championship of Ukraine in rock climbing among students on natural terrain was held in the form of an all-around program. The winner of the CMS in rock climbing is Klim Sotnikov (group IUSTm-20-1), taking 1st place.


83) Students Veronika Roshka and Veronika Govorova won the European Championship in Cossack duel, which took place from 23 to 25 April c. Kharkov in the sports palace “Lokomotiv”.


82) 25.04.2021 the “Pyatikhatki marathon” was held. The winner at a distance of 10 km was Evgeny Shovkovyi, gr. ITSHI-19-2, silver was won by Kirill Redkin, gr. AKTAKIT-20-2.


81) Vadim Skrabtsov, a student of the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, took first place in the Kharkiv Region Youth Boxing Championship in the 60 kg weight category. The competition took place from 8 to 10 April.


80) From 3 to 6 April 2021, the Ukrainian championship in classic bench press was held in Khmelnitsky. CMSU Victoria Akhremenko (ITSHI-17-1) took 2nd place, CMSU Igor Lukienko (AKTSIu-18-2) took 3rd place, Alexander Narvatov (PZPI-19-2) took 3rd place, Ivan Gritsenko (KIUKI-18-5) took 4th place.


79) 02.04.21 a volleyball tournament among men’s teams, the Cup in memory of Valentina Sviridova (rector of KhIRE 1984-1994) took place.
In the struggle for the Cup, the teams showed a bright, powerful, intense game.
1st place – a team of graduates of KNURE
2nd place – a team of sports veterans, graduates of KhIRE
3rd place – a team of student youth of KNURE.


78) On March 31, in Kharkov in the sports complex «Lokomotiv», the Cup of Ukraine competition in a Cossack duel took place, where students of our university Veronika Roshka and Veronika Govorova performed. In duels, in various competitive sections, they won four gold medals and the right to represent our country at the European Championship.


77) On March 27, 2021, the Kharkiv Region Classic Powerlifting Championship was held. We won 5 medals, two of them are gold.


76) Oleksiy Ishchenko, a student of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, took part in the Ukrainian Taekwondo Championship, which took place on March 15-17 at the Lokomotiv Sports Palace. According to the results of the competition, the athlete, in the weight category up to 80 kg, won third place.


75) Dmytro Dudkа, a student of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, won silver and bronze medals in two competitive sections at the Ukrainian Karate-do Championship, which took place on March 14 in Kyiv.


74) On March 13 and 14, 2021, a team of KNURE orienteering students took part in regional orienteering competitions. Anna Zamaraeva took 3rd place in these competitions.


73) 06.03.2021 in the Sports Palace “Zmіna” the Championship of the Kharkov region in judo was held. The student of the PZPI-20-6 group Kirill Poronko took the II place in the weight category up to 82 kg.


72) On March 6, 2021, the final regional mountaineering competitions were held in which students of KhNURE Andrey Isaenko, Artem Kudryavsky  – 2nd place and Anna Zamaraeva – 1st place took part.


71) On March 9, 2021, the Table Tennis Spartakiad was held.

I – Sergey Makashev – leading engineer of DLA and IEQAS
II – Nina Dovgopol – Associate Professor of the Department of EC
III – Evgeniy Efimov – specialist of the 1st category of the scientific library


70) From 5 to 7 March 2021, the traditional competitions of the Kharkov Region Cup from the Cossack duel were held. The first places were taken by Veronika Roshka and Veronika Govorova.


69) On March 6, 2021, the Kharkov Championship in the classic bench press was held.


Victoria Akhremenko (ІТShІ-17-1) – 1st place

Marina Murzina – 2nd place

Maria Mazel (КІUКІu-19-2) – 2nd place

Igor Lukienko (АКТСІu-18-2) – 1st place

Ivan Gritsenko (КІUКІ-18-5) – 1st place

Alexander Narvatov (PZPI-19-2) – 1st place

Among all the participants in the absolute weight category, they entered the top three winners:

Victoria Akhremenko (ІТShІ-17-1) – 2nd place

Marina Murzina – 3rd place

Alexander Narvatov (PZPI-19-2) – 1st place

Gritsenko Ivan (КІUКІ-18-5) – 3rd place


68) 04.03.2021 in the sports hall of the Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport the championship of the kharkov region in sports aerobics took place. Vlas Zubenko took 1st place in the category: individual performances of men.


67) In the Sports Complex “Polytechnic” (KhPI) from 08.02.2021 to 09.02.2021 the open Championship of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region in swimming in fins was held. Skofenko Denis Pavlovich became the winner. MTIOLS-20-1, which took III place.


66) On February 4-7, at the Kharkiv Sports Palace, the Championship of Ukraine among juniors in sambo wrestling was held.

Student gr. PZPI-20-6 Poronko Kirill took the III place in the weight category 79 kg.


65) Darina Krivanich awarded the title “Master of Sports of Ukraine of international class in kickboxing WTKA”


64) On December 27, 2020 in the sports complex of NAU “KhAI” the Championship of the Kharkov region in wrestling sambo among juniors and juniors was held.

The student of the PZPI-18-6 group Veronika Roshka won the III place. Coach G. Krukovsky


63) On 12/20/2020, the Kharkov Open Cup in the classic bench press was held.

We took three 1st places and one 3rd place

Viktoria Akhremenko (ITSHI-17-1) – I place; Alexander Narvatov (PZPI-19-2) – I place; Ivan Gritsenko (KIUKI-18-5) – I place; Rustam Fabrovan (ЕЕPS-19-1) – III place


62) On December 12, 2020, the traditional open kickboxing championship of the University took place in KNURE.


61) On December 6, 2020, the traditional annual run “Meet Winter” was held. The winners were Evgeny Shelkovoy ITSHI-19-2, Nazar Franko KIUKI-17-6, Olga Tregub ITKN-17-9, Ekaterina Simon ITKN-17-9, Kirill Chernov PZPІ-19-2, Dmitry Sokolenko ITSHI-18-1.


60) On November 25, 2020, the “Open tournament of KNURE in boxing” was held at the PhES department. Winners: Dmitry Ryabovol (AKTAKIT-17-1), Veronica Roshka (PZPI-18-6), Veronika Govorova (PZPI-19-7), Nazar Kuznetsov (KIUKI-20-8), Nikita Sagaidachny (PZPI-19-2), student of KhNUE Yaroslav Spesivtsev. Silver medalists: Konstantin Shramenko (KNT-20-6), Boris Bashkir (AKTAKIT-19-2).


59) 24-25.10.2020 Manyakin Artem student of the AKTSI-19-1 group took the II place at the Kharkov Bouldering Championship


58) 26.09.2020 the KNURE tourism team took 1st place in the night orienteering “Slet race” and 8th place in the sports multi-race “Slet race”


57) From October 16 to October 19, the competitions of the 20th Ukrainian Goju-Ryu Karate Championship were held in Odessa. The result of the performance at the Championship was the gold medal of Veronica Roska and the silver medals of Yulia Gladsky and Veronica Govorova.


56) On October 17, 2020, the Kharkiv Region Open Classic Bench Press Championship was held.

Narvatov Alexander (PZPI-19-2) took I place and became the absolute champion of the Kharkiv Region Open Championship among youths. Lukienko Igor (AKTSIu-18-2) took the 1st place. Fabrovan Rustam (EEPS-19-1) took 3rd place. Gritsenko Ivan (KIUKI-18-5) took fourth place.

Mazel Maria (KIUKIu-19-2) took the II place, Akhremenko Victoria (ITSHI-17-1) took the II place.

Among women, the MSMK in powerlifting, a senior teacher of the FWS department, a coach of the university national team in powerlifting, performed in two nominations, Natalya Alexandrovna Didyuk took 1st and 2nd places in her weight category.


55) On October 2-6, 2020, the Ukrainian armwrestling championship was held in Primorsky.

Lutskov Vladislav (ITINF-17-2) won the main title of the competition and became the absolute champion of Ukraine in armwrestling in the weight category up to 85 kg, and Alexander Bilovol (TRTK-18-1) won bronze and took third place.


54) On October 3, 2020, the tournament “Student Hero of Kharkov-2020” was held.

It was attended by candidates for master of sports in powerlifting: Lukienko Igor (AKTSIu-18-2), Yasmenko Vladimir (KSTZIu-18-1), Ivanov Vladislav (bachelor).

Team coach – senior lecturer of the FVS department Didyuk Natalya Aleksandrovna.


53) On September 28, 2020, the Ukrainian Sports Aerobics Championship took place in Kiev.

Zubenko Vlas won the bronze medal.


52) On September 12-13, 2020 in Pervomayskiy, the Kharkiv Region Open Championship in classic powerlifting was held. Mazel Maria (KIUKIu-19-2) became the champion in the weight category up to 52 kg and the silver medalist in the absolute weight category.


51) 3-6.09.2020 in Karolino-Bugaz Ukrainian Cup among juniors in sambo wrestling. Zakin Mikhail EEK-18-1 III place in weight 90 kg.


50) 6.03.2020 Ishchenko Aleksey silver medalist of the 15th Summer Universiade of Ukraine in Taekwondo (WTF) in Ivano-Frankovsk


49) 28.02.2020 in the Kharkov National University of Construction and Architecture held competitions in sports aerobics. Vlas Zubenko first place.


48) February 22, 2020 armwrestling competition. Lutskov Vladislav (ITINF-17-2) – I and II places, Bildiy Dmitry (TRREA-17-1) – II and II places, Bilovol Alexander (TRTK-18-1) – I place


47) On February 20, the Kharkov Region Weightlifting Championship was held. Student of the TRRT-17-1 group Kryaklya Alexander won a silver medal.


46) On February 9, HBCS, based on Boyko’s Sokolniki School, held an open mixed badminton tournament. Student group STZIAM-18-1 Gavryushchenko K.V. took 1st place.


45) On January 12, 2020, students won three gold and one silver medal in the Open Cup of the Kharkiv region in the classic bench press.

Champions Mazel Maria, Akhremenko Victoria, Nikitin Nikita, Gritsenko Ivan.


44) December 26, 2019 Kharkov region weightlifting championship. Alexander Kryklya (TRRT-17-1), showed the best result in biathlon, became the silver medalist in the category up to 67 kg.


43) On December 13-15, 2019, the powerlifting team took III place in the regional sports competitions “Lifelong Sport” in powerlifting.

Yuri Bondarenko (AKTAKIT-16-2) took the III place and fulfilled the norm of the candidate for master of sports of Ukraine in powerlifting.

Ivanov Vlad (EEPS-16-1) took the III place, Maximov Vyacheslav (KTRSm-19-1) took the III place.

The champions of these competitions were Brodyagina Darina (ITKN-18-3) and Igor Lukienko (AKTSIu-18-2).


42) On December 9-10, 2019, the KhPI hosted the competition in badminton Championship of Kharkov Universities “Sport throughout life”.
The combined team MIKST Mezentseva Daria and Mustetsov Alexey II place.
Female couple Anna Shukalova and Varvara Tisheninova III place.
Male couple Vyskrebets Denis and Botsyura Anatoly III place.


41) 12.12.2019 Uvarova Victoria (gr. KN-18-6) II place in scuba diving final of the World Cup in Poland


40) 28.11.19, in the sports complex held the Open Championship NTU “KhPI” in weightlifting. Kulik Alina (ACTAKIT-17-2) – I, Nikitin Nikita (ESTMu-19-1) – I, Koval Bogdan (ITKNz-17-2) – I.


39) From November 21 to November 24, 2019 in Vinnitsa, competitions in goju-ryu karate. From KNURE Yulia Gladskikh, Veronika Roshka, Alexandra Katrich.


38) On November 19, 2019, the national student team was awarded the Cup, which took second place in the Kharkiv Football Championship


37) On November 14-15, 2019, the national team won II place at the Open Regional Tournament dedicated to the 215th anniversary of the Yaroslav the Wise National Law University in table tennis.


36) November 13-14, 2019 competition “Sport throughout life” in armwrestling.

Winners on the left hand:


Ahremenko Victoria (ITSHI-17-1) – III

Mazel Maria (KIUKIU-19-2) – III

Bilovol Alexander (TRTK-18-1) – II

Lukienko Igor (AKTSIu-18-2) – III

Lutskov Vladislav (ITINF-17-2) – I


Winners on the right hand:


Ahremenko Victoria (ITSHI-17-1) – III

Bilovol Alexander (TRTK-18-1) – III

Bildiy Dmitry (TRREA-17-1) – III

Lutskov Vladislav (ITINF-17-2) – III


35) October 29-30, 2019, table tennis competition “Lifelong Sport”.

The national team of KHNURE – men became Champions of the Olympics among 25 teams of universities.

The women’s team took III place, general place II.


34) October 27, 2019 Kharkov Open Cup on the classic bench press.

Lukienko Igor (AKTSIu-18-2) – I place

Bondarenko Yuri (ACTAKIT-16-2) – I place

Gritsenko Ivan (KIUKI-18-5) – I place

Narvatov Alexander (PZPI-19-2) – III place


33) October 21-30, 2019 volleyball competitions KNURE Championship among students of the first year of study. 1 place team of the faculty of IRTZI, 2 place team of the faculty of KIU, 3 place team of the faculty of IC.


32) 17.10.2019 Tournament named after B.Lanevsky on basketball. The best player of the KNURE team Ilya Shuteyev.


31) October 13, 2019 Aerospace University, an open regional tournament on sambo wrestling. The national team won two gold medals and one silver.


30) September 28, 2019, Kharkov team tournament in Strongman, “Student Athlete – 2019”.

Yury Bondarenko (AKTAKIT-16-2) and Ivanov Vladislav (EEPS-16-1) were members of the national team.


29) September 23-26, 2019, Kharkov, KNURE Championship in table tennis.

I place Parkhomenko Julia PZPI-19-1

II place Siguta Diana PZPI-19-3

III place Ranevaya Tatyana PZPI-19-2

I place Varchenko Mikhail MTTE-19-1

II place Gotsulyak Egor BIBMI-19-1

III place Ivanov Vladislav ACTAKIT-19-1


28) 01-02.06.2019, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Cossack World Cup, Elizaveta Shevchenko, gr. AKTAKIT-18-1 two first places.


27) 03.06.2019, Student Volleyball Championship of Kharkiv, 1 st place. In the final, the teams met KhNURE and KhGAFC. Our team won 3-0.


26) May 18-25, 2019, Tokyo (Japan) World Powerlifting Championship, Mikhail Yastrebov gr. TRREA-17-1, 2 m.


25) 10-15.04.2019, KNURE national orienteering team I place, Ukrainian Championship in Malinovka: Ilya Fedotov gr. KUKI-17-7, Shanin Andrey gr. PI-15-5, Chumachenko Dmitry gr. ITINF-18-3, Isaenko Andrei gr. TKN-18-3, Nikolay Konovalenko gr. TRTK-16-1, Muravchik Alena gr. ITKN-18-8, Zamaraeva Anna gr. VPVPS-17-7.

National team of KNURE in climbing: I place in the Championship of Ukraine in v. Buki, Cherkasy region: Sotnikov Klim gr. PZPI-18-6, Anna Zamaraeva gr. VPVPS-17-7, Vechirko Kseniya gr. STZI-15-1.

Zayats Tatyana gr. PZPI-18-4, I place, the Games of the Kharkiv region on rock climbing.


24) 05.08.2019, KNURE, table tennis competitions on the KNURE Games for foreign students. 1 m. – Mamedov Alasker Babir Ogly, 2 m. – Mamedov Kamandar Babir Ogly, 3 m. – Yegendurdiyev Shageldi


23) On April 25, 2019, the Kharkov Championship in weightlifting took place in Kharkov. In the weight category up to 67 kg. student of our university Kryklya Alexander (gr. TRRT-17-1) with a double-event sum of 138 kg. took III place.


22) 04.25.2019, open tournament KNAME in arm sports, Lutskov Vladislav gr. ITINF-17-2, 3 m .; Bildiy Dmitry gr. TRREA-17-1, 1 m.


21) 04.24.2019, sports aerobics “Sport for Life”, KNURE team 3 m.


20) April 23-25, 2019, Kharkov, Ukrainian Cossack Championship in Ukraine, Sergey Kovtun gr. ITKN-17-1, 1 m. and Shevchenko Elizaveta gr. AKTAKIT-18-1, 1 m., Graduate of the faculty of the CN, Andrei Botsman 3 m.


19) 20-21.04.2019, Vlas Zubenko gr. AKTTRREA-17-1, Championship of Ukraine in sports aerobics, 2nd place in the individual competition.


18) 20-21.04.2019, Vladislav Lutskov gr. ITINF-17-2, open city championship in arm wrestling, 3rd absolute place among all participants of the competition, as well as 3rd place in the weight category over 63 kg.


17) 11-13.04.2019, Glukhov, XX open volleyball tournament among veterans in memory of Konstantin Reva.

Elena Ponomarenko, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computer Engineering, KNURE, became the best player.


16) 04.12.2019, regional annual competition “Sport for Life” in weightlifting.

Ivan Gritsay – 1 m., Alina Kulik, Yuri Bondarenko, Vladislav Berlan – 2 m., Victoria Akhrimenko – 3 m.


15) 04.04.2019, Ivano-Frankivsk, XIX Summer Universiade of Ukraine on the WTF Taekwondo (Olympic version), Vladislav Taranov gr. КІ-14-7, 1 m.


14) 03-6.04.2019, Odessa, Ukrainian Championship in arm wrestling, Vladislav Lutskov gr. ITINF-17-2, 2 m.


13) April 1, 2012, Spring Championship of KNURE in table tennis. 1 m. Samchik Alexander, 1 m. Skakunova Inna, 2 m. Martirosov Timur, 3 m. Nesterov Sergey


12) 29-31.03.2019, KhNUSA, the annual competition “Sport for Life” in boxing.

1 m. – Anton Rogachev, Dmitry Ryabovol and Veronika Roshka.

2 m. – Anna Kazakova gr. KH-15-6.

3 m. Dziman Aleksandra, Boyko Aleksandra, Timoshenko Daria, Nikitina Anastasia, Solyanik Anastasia, Ievlev Ilya, Amos Amao Paul Oluvanifem, Rybin Evgeny, Sukhachev Konstantin.


11) March 23-24, 2019, Kharkov, Championship of Ukraine in taekwondo, Taranov Vladislav gr. КІ-14-7, 3 m.


10) 03-18.03.2019, KNURE, Table Tennis Championship among hostels.

I m. – hostel number 4: Sameliuk Andrew, Sergey Kaliberda, Sergey Nesterov

II m. – hostel number 7: Gallia Anna, Larionov Vitaly, Samchik Alexander

III m. – hostel number 8: Dmitry Lifar, Artyom Zhukhinsky, Alexander Prilutsky


9) March 21-22, 2019, KhRU regional competitions among students “Sport for Life.” The KNURE team received nine prizes and the fourth overall command place:

Sviridov Julia gr. VVS-16-1 III place

Almakova Anastasia gr. IFN-15-2 II place

Shevchenko Elizaveta gr. AKIT-18-1 III place

Mikhnevich Tatyana gr. PI-15-1 III place

Roshka Veronika gr. PI-18-6 II place

Solyanik Anastasia gr. PI-18-6 II place

Nikitina Anastasia gr. PI-18-6 III place

Sidorkin Mikhail gr. BIBMI-17-1 II place

Karabin Vladislav gr. REA-17-1 II place


8) 03.10.2019, Open Championship of Kharkov in classic powerlifting, Philip Kravchenko, I and II places.


7) 08-10.03.2019, Kiev, X Ukrainian Horting Championship. Winning prizes: Anna Kazakova gr. KH-15-6 – champion of Ukraine; Nazarenko Julia gr. КІУКІ-17-5 – the bronze prize-winner.


6) 04.03.2019, NFU, women’s volleyball “Blossoming and beautiful”. National team KNURE took the first place.


5) 02.03.2019, HNADU, sports aerobics championship of the Kharkiv region. The national team of KNURE took 3 m. In the category “aerostat”. Student KNURE Vlas Zubenko gr. AKTTRREA-17-1, became the champion in the category of individual performances of men.

4) 15-17.02.2019, the annual student powerlifting competition “Sport for Life”. The team took the final III place, and in the individual competition students of KNURE showed the following results:

Brodyagin Darin (ITKN-18-3) – II place

Semchuk Marina (MNTMN-17-1) – III place

Mikhail Yastrebov (TRREA-17-1) – II place

Ivanov Vladislav (EEPS-16-1) – II place, fulfilled the standard of the candidate for master of sports of Ukraine on powerlifting

Yuri Bondarenko (AKTAKIT-16-2) – III place

Igor Lukyenko (AKTSIU-18-2) – IV place

KMS Solodchenko Kirill (INFM-18-2) – IV place

KMS Maximov Vyacheslav (SI-15-1) – IV place


3) 02.10.2019, Vladislav Lutskov gr. ITINF-17-2, Ukrainian League of Qualified Arm Wrestlers, 2 m.


2) 01-02.02.2019, Anastasia Andreeva and Yanina Ilchenko, Kharkov, Championship in cheerleading, 1 m. Hip-hop duet.


1) 01.29.2019 table tennis competitions among teachers and employees of KNURE


1st place Sergey Makashev – Leading Engineer of the Licensing Department for Accreditation of the Internal System for the Quality of Education

2nd place Sergey Balakirev – Senior Laboratory Assistant

3rd place Efimov Eugene – engineer of the first category of the R & D department


1st place Irina Perova – Associate Professor of BiI

2 place Nova Dovgopol – Associate Professor of the EC Department

3rd place Geleta Diana – Lecturer at the Faculty of International Relations