Department of Physical Education and Sport


About us

The formation of the Department of Physical Education and Sport began in 1930. It was headed by experienced teachers: A.I. Sobolev, A.A. Fradkin and V.I. Lozov. After the war for 30 years, the department was headed by master of sports in weightlifting N.S. Kleshchenko. The department worked reputable, not only in high school, but also in the city, teachers: A.S. Brakhovetsky, E.F. Volodin. V.A. Zemlyanoy, PI Lishenko, V.P. Selikhov, V.F. Cup, etc.

From 1973 to 2019, the department was headed by Professor Tanyansky S., a member of the “Burevestnik” national team in volleyball.

Since 2019, the master of sports in kettlebell fitness, Ph.D., associate professor Grokhova Anna has become the head of the department of physical education and sport.

The Department of Physical Education of KNURE is carrying out multilateral work on the physical education of students. The department consists of 25 employees, including 1 professors, 3 associate professors, 1 honored coach of Ukraine, 6 masters of sports, 1 master of sports of international class, 1 candidates for master of sports.

To conduct classes, the department has an excellent European-level sports base: 2 gambling halls, a boxing and aerobics hall, a wrestling hall, a football field with artificial turf, gyms, the largest in Ukraine chess and checkers club “Shahrad”, a stadium and modern gyms in each hostel.

The department conducts classes in all faculties from 1 to 5 courses. Taking into account the individual characteristics of students at the university, as well as the capabilities of the University’s sports facilities, classes are conducted in the main educational groups, in sports improvement groups and in special medical groups. The main groups are divided into sports specializations: basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis, boxing, wrestling, sambo, athletic gymnastics, powerlifting, weightlifting, aerobics. Such an approach made it possible to increase the efficiency of the educational process and increase the attendance of students. Classes in a special medical group are conducted according to the methods approved by the Ministry of Health for persons with diseases of the cardiovascular system, internal organs and organs of vision, diseases for the musculoskeletal system, which allows the use of an individual approach in the rehabilitation of students. For those students who want to improve their sports skills and speak at competitions, the sports club “Radiotekhnik” works, bringing together 32 sports sections.

The University is proud of its pupils, including Honored Masters of Sports, Masters of Sports of international class, Masters of Sports of Ukraine, repeated winners of tournaments and Championships of the highest level. Recently, foreign students have been actively involved in the sports life of the University, attending sports sections in participating in sports competitions.

Sports holidays are especially popular with the university team, the entire sports community of the university participates in them. Competitions, races, demonstrations of athletes from national teams are held at the holidays.

The Department of Physical Education and Sport invites strong, dexterous, hardy boys and girls who want to get an excellent specialty and at the same time strengthen their health, improve their sportsmanship, and also gain knowledge of the theory and methods of physical education, physical therapy and personal hygiene. that will equip you with the most essential vital skills.


We are waiting for you at our department.