Department of Physical Education and Sport


Badminton Championship

On November 18-19, the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute hosted the Badminton Championship of the Higher educational institution in Kharkov. The team consisted of 6 people: A. Botsyura SPRM-21-1; A. Mustesov BIBMI-19-1; V. Tisheninova PZPI-19-1; A. Shukalova KIUKI-19-3; M. Kalyuzhnaya VPVPS-20-4; M. Osinskaya CTSA-21-1.

In the hardest struggle, our national team took the third place, passing ahead only the KhPI-1 and KhPI-2 teams, which included the strongest athletes of the Ukrainian national team and prize-winners of the European championships. In the mixed category, a pair of A. Mustetsov and A. Shukalova entered the final and took the honorable 2nd place.

Congratulations to our national team, which adequately represented our Higher educational institution, everyone was great and in every meeting they fought to the end, giving all their best.

We wish you further victories and successful performances in the next tournaments.