Department of Physical Education and Sport


Dmitry Konovalov

1996 – graduated from the Kharkov Regional School of Physical Culture No. 2.

1997-1998 – studying at the Kharkov Academy of Municipal Economy (KhAME).

1998-2004 – studying at the Kharkov State Academy of Physical Culture (KhSAPhC) specialty “Olympic and professional sport”.

2000 – received the title of the master of sports of Ukraine. Participation in the European and World championships.

2006 – graduated from Kharkov State Academy of Physical Culture (KhSAPhC), received the qualification of a master-trainer-researcher.

1995-2000 – a member of the youth and youth national team of Ukraine in volleyball.

2017 – work as an assistant in KhNURE

2019 – work as a senior teacher

Master of Sports in volleyball
KhNURE volleyball coach