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Test in discipline Physical education

Test in discipline Physical education


Dear students, in order to get credit for the discipline Physical Education in the spring semester of the 2019-2020 academic year, you need to fulfill the requirements that are posted on the Moodl platform in our course

In case of questions, write to the department’s e-mail:

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Tasks during quarantine

Tasks during quarantine


Pursuant to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 03.11.2020 on the introduction of restrictive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease, and University Order No. 134 of 03.11.2020, it was proposed to conduct training sessions on the use of distance technologies and consider the possibility of organizing independent work of students with consultations by teachers using distance technologies.

In this regard, the tasks for the quarantine period in the discipline “Physical Education” for full-time students of 1, 2, 3 courses of all specialties were outlined:

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KNURE athlete wins regional aerobics competitions

KNURE athlete wins regional aerobics competitions


On February 28, in the gym of the Kharkov National University of Construction and Architecture, competitions were held in the Kharkiv Region Championship in sports aerobics. The competition was attended by over 150 participants, among them a student of Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics Vlas Zubenko, who won first place (coach Svetlana Semashko).

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